Help the Parents Plan

Brides who plan on having formal photos taken with younger guests might want to snap their shots first, before they get too restless, cranky or (heaven forbid) hungry.

It's impossible to know the stress involved in taking a child to a special event unless you've experienced it firsthand. When any parent receives a wedding invitation, he or she is automatically faced with a barrage of questions. Will the ceremony interfere with naptime or bedtime? What if Jack gets cranky and cries during the ceremony or the reception toasts? Will he strip down to his diaper and streak during the bride and groom's first dance?

Help parents navigate the event by letting them know the general itinerary ahead of time. That way, they can plan naps, feedings and potty breaks accordingly. Also, be sure to tell them in advance if their child will be necessary for pictures and during what time frame the photos will be taken.