10 Biggest Wedding Expenses


The Flowers

Flowers play an important role in many wedding traditions -- and they photograph beautifully, so the more, the better!

In addition to the classic bridal bouquet, you'll need bouquets or corsages for the bridesmaids, along with boutonnières for the groomsmen. The mothers of the bride and groom need corsages, too, and dads will require boutonnières. Anyone participating in the ceremony (musicians, readers, greeters, ushers) should also be given corsages and boutonnières to wear. In addition to those blooms, you'll need the requisite petals for your flower girl to toss as she moves down the aisle, as well as decorative garlands and floral arrangements. Your reception site will need some floral décor, too, so plan on shelling out for a variety of larger arrangements for the buffet and entrance hall, as well as centerpieces for the tables.

Couples should budget a minimum of $2,000 to cover flowers and floral design. In the off-season, many flowers will need to be shipped in from other regions, which can dramatically increase costs. Those who plan to use exotic blooms and other hard-to-find flowers will pay even more.