10 Sentiments to Engrave on Your Wedding Ring

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The wedding ring is a timeless symbol of the union between husband and wife. The circular design represents the eternal bond between the pair, and some lovers choose to personalize their rings by engraving carefully chosen sentiments into them. From funny and silly to serious and sweet, the options are endless for couples wanting to capture their reasons for saying "I do" on the inside of their wedding bands.

If you and your spouse-to-be would like to engrave one or both of your wedding rings, select words that signify something special or meaningful to you as a couple. You'll be reminded of these sentiments daily, so you want to choose something that will make you smile for years to come.


Not sure where to start? No problem! We've come up with 10 great ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

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10: Quote Somebody

There are literally thousands of famous quotes about love. From Shakespeare to the Bible, there's no shortage of sayings to choose from if you want to go with a tried and true sentiment. Quotes may be considered a little on the predictable side, but sometimes the words of others may be the only way to communicate what's in your heart.

Look for something short (so it'll fit on your band) and sweet. If the two if you tend to wax philosophical, why not quote Plato, who said, "At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet." If you're both art fans, you can cite Pablo Picasso, who said, "Love is the greatest refreshment in life." It doesn't really matter what quote you decide to use, however, as long as it matters to the two of you.


9: Mark the Date

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Never forget your anniversary again!
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Sometimes, simply engraving a special date from your history together is the perfect, private sentiment to add to your ring. You can choose the day you first met or when you had your first date. You could also engrave the date he popped the question. Of course, if you want to make sure he never forgets your anniversary, etch the day the two of you will say "I do" into your wedding bands.


8: Poetry

Men and women have penned poetry for thousands of years, often to proclaim their love or lament the woes of a broken heart. There are countless fitting lines of poetry you could cite, such as Lord Alfred Tennyson's "Love is the only gold." But again, it doesn't matter what poet or poem you use, as long as it means something to you both.


7: Tried and True Phrases

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Does "Everlasting Love" describe your relationship and what you want for the marriage?
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There are scores of traditional sentiments that have been emblazoned on wedding bands for years. "Till death do us part," "happily ever after" and "together forever" may not win you any points for originality, but they're definitely words that encapsulate the commitment of marriage. "To have and to hold" and "eternally yours" are also popular sayings.


6: Keep it Simple

Couples can spend too much time agonizing over the perfect sentiment to engrave on their wedding rings. Not everyone is a poet, but some people don't want to choose words that aren't their own. If you want to ring true, just speak from the heart and keep it simple. Sometimes, the words "I love you" or some variation is enough.


5: Nicknames

Most couples have fun-loving, sentimental and sometimes just plain goofy nicknames for each other. Whether you call each other "pooh bear," "honey bun" or "love bug," you can have your special monikers engraved on your rings to symbolize your fondness for one another. Even if you move on to other nicknames over the course of your marriage, it will be fun to remember the ones you used when you first started your life together.


4: Be Funny

There's nothing like sharing a good laugh with your spouse.
There's nothing like sharing a good laugh with spouse.
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Maybe serious isn't your thing, and that's okay! Think of a funny phrase or inside joke between you and your spouse that will make you laugh for years to come. Every time you look at your ring, you'll be reminded of the good humor that the two of you share.


3: Go Graphic

With the advancement of technology, you can now get graphics engraved into your ring. From hearts to smiley faces, you can easily turn your words into a picture! Most engravers don't have the capabilities to do anything more than letters and numbers, so if you want to get graphic with your ring, be sure to find a company that has a laser engraving machine.


2: Get Musical

Every couple has a song that's special to them.
Every couple has a song that's special to them.

Most couples have a song they call their own -- it could be a tune you both fell in love with while you were dating or even the song that will play during your first dance as man and wife. The title of the song or your favorite lyric from it would make a great addition to the inside of your wedding ring.


1: Focus on Your Shared Interests

If you have a special hobby or interest that you share, find something that relates to it and have it engraved into your ring. For example, if you both like music, get some music notes etched into your wedding band. If you both love dogs, perhaps the phrase "puppy love" will speak to you. No matter what suits your fancy, it should be something that you both enjoy and may even be the very thing that brought you together in the first place!

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