10 Classic Engagement Ring Styles


Major Sparkle

Channel-set diamonds flank this gorgeous emerald-cut stone.
Channel-set diamonds flank this gorgeous emerald-cut stone.
Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Thinkstock

A woman with glamorous taste and an affinity for bling might appreciate an engagement ring with pavé or channel-set diamonds in the band. Both types of bands feature tiny diamonds throughout the length of the band, creating more sparkle than solitaires or three-stone rings.

Pavé and channel-set diamonds differ in the way they're embedded into the band. Channel-set diamonds are placed into a groove inside the ring so that the tables (the tops of the diamonds) are flush with the band. Pavé diamonds are set on top of the band so closely together that you can't really see the metal.

Of these two classic options, channel-set diamond bands tend to be the more affordable. They may also be the most practical since pavé diamonds are more prone to falling out over time -- they're simply not secured as well as channel-set diamonds.