5 Tips for Sporting the Soho Chic Look

Something Vintage and Unique

The biggest draw of Soho is its assortment of vintage shops and artist wares. Women who best pull off the Soho chic look always sport some sort of unique piece, be it a scarf, a pin, a vintage coat or piece of jewelry. You can find vintage shops on Spring Street and Canal Street to whet your appetite, although they're sprinkled all throughout the neighborhood. A quality vintage store will make sure their clothes are clean and free of rips and stains, but you should take a good look at each piece to ensure you're buying something that's in good condition. Finding stylish vintage pieces requires a good eye and lots of patience, so be ready to browse.

To add a twist of your own personal style to your outfit, check out some of the artist boutiques for handmade jewelry and accessories. There's nothing more chic than having a one-of-a-kind piece -- from hand-strung glass beads to funky eyeglass frames to hammered metal bangles. It will attract attention and add an element of the unique to your ensemble.

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