How to Use Different Types of Makeup Brushes

By: Sara Elliott

How to Use a Blusher Brush

Rosy cheeks help give your complexion contrast and make you look healthier. You can't blush on cue, but you can add a hint of color so expertly it'll look like the real thing.

The brush -- This may be your new secret weapon. It has the power to perform one of the most essential tasks in makeup application: blending effectively. Look for a chubby, dome-shaped brush tip that's a little smaller than a face powder applicator brush. The bristles should be soft and between 2 and 2.5 inches long. You'll want a relatively long handle, too. Professional beauty experts usually prefer natural to synthetic bristles, but even if you like an animal cruelty-free approach to most of your purchases, consider making an exception here. Natural bristles help distribute minute powder particles effectively. They deliver a feathered finish you'll have trouble getting any other way.


The technique -- For the best results, apply powder to the tip of the brush and tap off any excess. Too little powder is better than too much, so use restraint. Sweep the brush over the apple of your cheeks. When you smile and hold it, the bump that forms over your cheekbone and directly under your eye is what's known as the "apple." Use a sweeping motion to blend blush powder upward toward your temple.