5 Easy Ways to Coordinate Makeup Colors

Work With Your Skin Tone

Before you break out the makeup brushes, take a close look at your face to identify your natural skin tone. This means looking beyond the color of your flesh to explore the hidden hues you might not spot at first glance. To determine whether your natural coloring is warm or cool, put on a white or neutral-colored shirt and stand in front of the mirror. Those with warm skin will spot undertones of gold, green, yellow or chocolate brown upon close examination, while cool-toned people will find undertones of pink or blue.

Choosing makeup shades in the same family as your natural coloring gives your skin a healthy glow, and helps to draw out the subtle highlights in your hair. Working against your natural skin tones, on the other hand, can leave your flesh looking sallow and washed out. Women with warm skin should look for makeup in warm shades like gold, red, orange, yellow or brown. Those with cool skin should stick to tones like blue, gray, silver, pink or purple.

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