Eye Makeup Tools Demystified

Makeup Tips Image Gallery One tool that doesn't require much thought? The mascara applicator. Or so you'd think. See more makeup tips pictures.
Shuji Kobayashi/Getty Images

You know those little applicators included for free with every eye shadow compact? You know how you never see professional makeup artists using them? Weird, right?

Not really. It's kind of like paving a sidewalk with a cake knife -- not exactly the best tool for the job.

Any beauty expert will tell you, the tools you use to apply your makeup are every bit as important as the makeup itself. Unfortunately, the myriad brushes, combs and wands you see next to the liners and shadows are not quite as self-explanatory as one might hope. It's enough to make a woman go bare-faced.

You don't even need two dozen brushes. But you do need a few.

For the times when bare won't do -- a black-tie affair, or just an average Tuesday, depending on your outlook -- here's what you do with the giant, round brush; the small, stiff brush; the soft, flat brush; the tiny little comb and the sponge with the rounded rim.

If you wear eye primers, that sponge, for one, can be your very best friend.