Complementary Eyeshadow Colors for Dark Brown Eyes

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Purples and plums are perfect for brown eyes!

For every eye color, there is a specific palette of eyeshadow shades that help your eyes stand out and look their best. So, if the windows to your soul are dark brown, you'll need to find out what your colors are. Even though people tag you as having brown eyes, you may be surprised to find specks of other colors in them, and you'll need to identify what they are in order to choose the best color options.

To do this, get a handheld mirror and stand in the daylight. Amidst the brown, expect to see colors like gold, green or black pop up in those peepers. These hues will guide you toward choosing the makeup colors that will best pull the highlights out of your eyes and make them sparkle. Even if you want a different eye color, you still have a reason to be thankful. Women with dark eyes tend to have darker skin tones as well, which means they can pull off a lot more looks than other eye colors.


If your beautiful browns contain golden flecks, then try out earthy clay tones like copper, taupe and rust. If you want to go minimalist, then choose a red-brown eye liner and blend to create a soft line. For a bolder look, pick a rich hazel or chartreuse eyeshadow. If your brown eyes have green flecks, then shades of purples and reds will help make them pop.

To kick it up a notch for night, line your eyes with blue liner and experiment with a plum mascara. And if your dark eyes are made even darker by black specks, choose natural and Earth tones to complement their color. Eye shadows in light pink, taupe and ivory are good go-to shades, while rich brown liners are best for lining lids. If you want to go a little bolder for night, try out brighter colors like blue, copper and plum. The key is picking the right shades of these colors for your skin tone, so go forth and experiment.


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