5 Secrets to Covering Scars With Makeup


It Doesn't Have to Slip

Set your makeup with a dusting of powder from a fluffy brush.
Set your makeup with a dusting of powder from a fluffy brush.
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Guess what: Your scar coverage does not have to slide down your face by mid-day!

Anyone with oily skin can have this problem, but when you're wearing the kind of heavy makeup that can cover a significant scar, you're even more at risk for slippage. There's an easy fix, though. Just set it.

Camouflage makeup kits often come with a "setting spray" that can help hold the coverage in place. You don't need something so specialized, though. Any translucent finishing powder will do the trick. Just be sure to apply it with a good-quality brush, as opposed to the little puff that might be included in the package. You want a loose-powder brush, and one that's especially soft and fluffy so the powder goes on lightly and evenly, even (or especially) over the thick makeup covering your scar.

The goal here is complete, flawless coverage, and with some practice it's an achievable one. If you can still see the scar, though, and it bothers you, there's a handy trick that can make it seem to fade away: Create a diversion. If your scar is on your chin, highlight your eyes with fantastic shadow to draw the gaze upward. On your forehead? Try something bold on your lips. There's no better way to divert attention away from a negative than to beautifully accentuate a positive.

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