How to Update Your Perfume Profile

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There is actually a way to pinpoint your fragrance preferences so you can make informed choices and get exactly what you want.

Most women enjoy perfume on some level, but not all are experts. You might have a vague idea of the types of fragrances you like -- and you're probably pretty definite on what you don't like. But more often than not, your perfume purchases might be based on a pretty bottle or a brief spritz on the wrist. You don't usually make educated decisions about fragrances, but it's all so subjective, right? You never really know what you're going to get.

Serious perfume-lovers would beg to differ here. There is actually a way to pinpoint your fragrance preferences so you can make informed choices and get exactly what you want. A perfume profile takes into account all sorts of things you don't associate with perfume (your favorite colors and foods, exercise habits, where you live) and packages them into a list of fragrance notes you might enjoy, along with possible recommendations for specific fragrances.


You don't have to be a fanatical fragrance-buyer to have a perfume profile. If you're a novice, a fragrance profile can save you a lot of time and confusion -- and probably some money -- at the perfume counter. If you're a veteran, a profile fine-tunes your preferences and makes it even easier for you to find the perfect scent.

Your perfume profile probably won't stay the same for your entire life, though. If you're really into perfume, your profile could even change day-to-day. On the next page, we'll talk about the signs that your fragrance profile might need an update.


Tips for Updating Your Perfume Profile

There's no hard-and-fast rule for when you should update your perfume profile. If you completed one 10 years ago, haven't had any big shakeups in your life and are still happy with the fragrances you own, there's probably no need to rock the boat. But we change in such subtle ways -- you might be surprised what can affect your fragrance preferences.

Some situations are pretty obvious triggers for a perfume profile update. If you move from Florida to Arizona, for example, you'll probably find that your favorite fragrances evaporate a lot faster and don't quite smell the same on your skin. If you start a new job where you'll be sharing a cubicle, you might want a lighter fragrance than the one you wore in a private office. Completely overhauling your diet can cause body-chemistry changes that might suddenly alter the aroma of your signature scent.


Even changes that seem subtle can completely alter your perfume profile. Maybe you've started exercising a little more and want a different scent for when you're at the gym (and you need to take all that extra sweat into account, too). Or perhaps your office dress code just got downgraded to business casual and you'd like a more laid-back fragrance to go with it.

Or it could come down to a simple matter of changing tastes. You might not want to smell the same at 40 as you did at 30. Maybe the perfumes you have just aren't as appealing anymore and you suddenly feel the need for a little jumpstart. Why not update that profile and bring some new life into your perfume collection?

Perfume profiles run the gamut from easy, free online quizzes to more in-depth questionnaires from custom parfumiers. On the next page, you'll find lots more information about perfume.


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