10 Types of Teens: A Field Guide to Teenagers

Emo Kids

The teen years can be an emotional roller coaster, and emo kids are the ones eager for another ride. Their emotions are reflected in their appearance: black clothing, streaked bangs, tattoos and piercings. They maintain a strict fashion sense while insisting on their individuality -- not an easy task.

The emo style has its roots in punk culture, which tended to be more rebellious, and goth, which was gloomier. All of the groups shared an angst that most of us can remember suffering at one time or another when we were teenagers.

The way emo kids speak their inner feelings might make them seem whiny, but that doesn't mean the emotions aren't heartfelt. Watch these kids for signs of depression or bipolar tendencies. They may also experiment with self-injury and cutting.

Regardless of which group (or groups) your teen may identify with, remember that looking past any label and keeping lines of communication open are the key to helping your teen discover his or her identity.

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