10 Ways for Parents to Relax

For all the responsibilities of parenting, learning to reduce your stress can help you reduce -- if not prevent -- some tension. See more parenting pictures.
Stephanie Rausser/Getty Images

Moms and dads, you're probably stressed out. Raising a child can be one of the most rewarding, amazing, exhausting, infuriating and thankless jobs on Earth. It's a 24-hour a day gig, and you don't exactly get any kind of paid vacation. At some point, this is bound to result in stress, which can lead to all kinds of health problems -- such as headaches, lowered immunity or heart disease -- so it's important to seek relief wherever you can [source: Mayo Clinic: Stress].

But it's not all bad news: There are a few simple, everyday things you can do to relieve the mental burden of parenthood. You can find solutions and relief in the next aisle at the grocery store, at the gym, or even in your existing friendships. So, read on to find 10 tips to help you relax -- you definitely deserve it.