How to Start a Parenting Blog

Connecting With Parents Through Your Blog

When you start writing your blog, you might simply be writing about things that are important and personal to you. Your blog becomes a forum for sharing your thoughts and feelings with the world. But once other people start following your blog, you may find that exciting conversations are sparked by the comments left on your posts. When other people begin to share their opinions or connect others to your blog, you have created a community through which parents can discuss issues and lend support -- a pretty exciting result of just writing about what you feel.

One of the best ways you can encourage others to comment on your blog is by writing posts that invite reader opinions. No matter how well-written your entry is, most blog posts that don't ask questions or invite comments generally will not create as large of a dialogue as posts that do. So when writing about a topic, don't be afraid to ask questions that encourage readers to share their feelings and experiences with you. Your interaction doesn't have to stop at writing the post -- feel free to interact with your readers through comments and other posts.

Another way to develop your blog readership is to connect with other parenting bloggers. This will help bring your blog to a new audience. Posting links to other blogs (and having other blogs post links to your site) helps to extend your network and opens you up to new ideas and voices. Use social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to publicize your blog and connect to parenting bloggers and other potential readers.

Once you've been writing for a while, you may need ideas on how to keep your posts fresh and interesting. Read on to the next page for common parenting blog topics.