10 Ways for Parents to Relax


Make the Car a Place of Serenity

It's not uncommon to hear about the children who are overbooked and overstressed; but what does this mean for their parents? Usually, a lot of driving. Although it might be stressful to cart your kids from ballet class to baseball practice to a babysitting appointment, you can make your car a kind of oasis on four wheels. Here are some tips for reclaiming your vehicle.

  • Invest in some books for the car to keep your children busy. If they tend to get carsick, try small inexpensive toys you won't mind losing between the seats.
  • Enforce an indoor-voices rule.
  • Listen to the type of music or radio programs you like, as long as you're OK with the kids listening in. Who knows; your kids might thank you later for turning them on to Simon and Garfunkel early.
  • Keep car repair items in the trunk, and consider an AAA membership. The peace of mind you'll have can help you stay worry-free during a day of heavy driving.

With a few of these ideas, your vehicle could be a more peaceful place in no time.