10 Mommy and Me Activities to Try


Between the Lines

Children enjoy listening to story time.
Children enjoy listening to story time.

Babies and toddlers love books, so tap into this natural affinity. Try out the story time at your local bookstore or library. Some storytellers are more animated than others (and some even use puppets or stuffed animals to help tell the tale), so be sure to go to more than one session -- even if your child didn't sit still the first time. It may help to bring a small tote with crayons and drawing paper for your child to work on as the story unfolds. Remember, the idea isn't only to expose your child to a story; you're teaching your child to enjoy books (and the library or bookstore) as a whole.

Head out early so your child's not in "hurry-up-and-wait" mode as story time nears (it can be too hard to switch gears on such short notice). Plus, you'll have time to pick out a few extra books to read on your own.