10 Mommy and Me Activities to Try


Zoo for Two

Who doesn't love the zoo? You and your child can while away the hours watching animals on your own, or you can join a class for some organized fun. Most zoos offer a take on the "mommy and me" theme with sessions designed for toddlers (or preschoolers) and a parent. Along with guided tours, most zoos offer an up-close encounter with an animal, and other hands-on activities. Expect each session to center on a theme, take an hour or two, and cost less for members than non-members.

Not only will your child learn about animals from around the world, but you can turn your outing into days of fun. Check out zoo-related activities from the Smithsonian during the days leading up to your zoo adventure. The site shares facts about different species (did you know a lion's roar can be heard up to five miles away?), photo galleries and games. Have your child choose an animal to search for during your zoo visit.