10 Mommy and Me Activities to Try

Music Exploration

You already know your baby loves music. After all, you've been singing lullabies and silly songs since he or she was born. What music does for a child's brain is simply astounding. It helps brain cells forge the new and lasting connections your child will need as she learns to read a book or reason a math problem.

Nearly every community has a music exploration class designed for children and parents to enjoy together. Most classes target a specific age, such as 6 to 18 months or 18 months to 2 years. During each session, children and parents make sounds using simple instruments and learn basic rhythms and sing-along tunes. Classes keep children moving, too, marching around the room or dancing to the beat. Kindermusik, Music Together or informal programs offered at local music stores all have one thing in common: They encourage children and parents to make music together -- in class and at home.