10 Small Volunteer Acts You Can Teach Your Child Now


Visit a Retirement Home

Kids can bring happiness to the elderly by visiting a retirement home.
Kids can bring happiness to the elderly by visiting a retirement home.
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The very young and the very old have a special connection. By taking your small children with you to the local nursing home, you will bring joy into the lives of the residents and your family.

Contact your local retirement facilities and ask for ways in which you and your family can help. It might be as simple as coming in during game night or craft time and participating with the residents [source: Boteach]. It will provide a welcome change of pace for the residents and your children will relish the extra praise and attention. The Nintendo Wii has found some unexpected fans in retirement home residents. Bring your kids in to challenge retirees to a game of Wii Golf.

If your kids are learning the piano or your family loves to sing songs, consider practicing a special song that you can perform at the nursing home.

There are also plenty of ways for your kids to volunteer to help seniors without going to a nursing home. Chances are you have several elderly neighbors who would appreciate an extra hand around the house. The kids can offer to rake the lawn or help clean out the garage. There are also services in many cities where you and your family can go grocery shopping for a homebound neighbor once a month. The kids can help maintain the grocery list, pack everything together and make the delivery with you.

For lots more tips and information about family activities that build character and create lifelong memories, see the related lists below.

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