5 Princess Birthday Party Ideas


Royal Interior

Protect princess slippers by rolling out a red carpet.
Protect princess slippers by rolling out a red carpet.

In this case, a man's home is quite literally his castle. Enlist your husband's help with party décor for your princess. Fly a royal flag in front of your home, and line the sidewalk with red carpet to keep delicate princess shoes from scuffing as guests arrive for the festivities. Convert old cardboard boxes into a throne for the guest of honor, using glitter, paint or other basic decorations. Purchase several yards of tulle from a local craft store, and drape the fabric from the ceiling to create a beautiful canopy.

Exceptionally industrious hosts can even create a castle tower or turret out of cardboard or papier-mâché to place strategically outside the front door. All of these extras are guaranteed to set the stage for an unforgettable princess party, complete with excellent photo opportunities for your daughter's scrapbook.

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