10 Budget-friendly Ideas for Children's Birthday Party Menus


Hot Dog Heaven

Hot dogs are one of the simplest and most inexpensive foods that appeal to many kids. You can buy them in bulk, and they also come in vegetarian and vegan options. Better yet, you can toss a few on the grill for parents as well.

For a special twist on hot dogs, think outside the bun. If you're in need of a savory appetizer to balance out birthday sweets, bake some pigs in a blanket. Hot dog halves or cocktail sausages, wrapped with premade biscuit dough are quick, delicious and perfectly kid-sized. Or, if you're looking for an entree, set up a hot dog bar. Put out the mayo, mustard and ketchup as usual and also provide chopped onion, pickle relish, coleslaw, chili and cheese. Kids can load up their dogs to their liking and chow down for cheap.