How to Make Kids' Bracelets

Nature-Made Bracelet

Nature-Made Bracelet
Nature-Made Bracelet

Incorporate part of the outdoors into your jewelry collection with this nature-made bracelet. Take a walk and make a bracelet at the same time.

What You'll Need:

Roll of wide masking tape


How to Make a Nature-Made Bracelet:

Take a walk on a nice sunny day. Ask a grown-up to walk with you out in the woods or in a field where there are lots of little natural "gems" (such as baby pine cones, leaves, little pebbles, seed pods, and moss) to collect for your bracelet.

Before leaving on your walk, have the grown-up attach a loop of wide masking tape, sticky side out, around your wrist. As you walk, pick up pretty bits of nature and stick them onto the tape. Make a bracelet of tiny wild flowers and acorn tops or small feathers and fuzzy grass.

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