Oktoberfest Activities

Leafy Letters

Leafy Letters Oktoberfest activity.
Leafy Letters Oktoberfest activity.

Leaves, leaves, leaves! They're everywhere and in every color. Celebrate the joys of fall with this Oktoberfest activity: Gather lots of different-shaped leaves to make leafy prints.

This stationery is so easy and lovely you'll want to write lots of letters this fall. Use the beautiful autumn leaves to make your own stationery.

What you'll need:


food coloring

small paper plates


Pour a little food coloring onto a paper plate. Dip one leaf at a time into the coloring and gently press it onto the paper wherever you want a leaf print. Carefully lift the leaf off the paper so the print is sharp and clear.

Allow the stationery to dry thoroughly, then write notes and poems about the beauty of autumn. Send them to everyone you care about.

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