How to Make Musical Instruments for Kids

Wood Tap Musical Craft

Hammer out some magnificent music!
Hammer out some magnificent music!
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This musical wood tap craft is sure to result in a "tone" of fun. Learn how to make simple music with your kid using wooden blocks, and discover how the size and shape of each block affects your musical masterpiece.

What You'll Need:

  • Six to eight different-size and -shape wood pieces
  • Small hammer
  • Tape recorder (optional)

Do all wooden doors produce the same knock? Do all blocks of wood sound the same when they are rapped and tapped on? Do they sound identical to the doors? Of course not.

Step 1: Gather up six to eight wood pieces that are different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Step 2: Tap twice on the first block of wood with your hammer. Listen carefully so you'll remember the tone.

Step 3: Tap on the second. Then the third, and continue until you've tapped on all the blocks.

Step 4: Line up the blocks in musical order (highest-pitched tap to the right, lowest-pitched tap to the left.)

Step 5: Now "play" your wooden block instrument for a remarkable sound. For added fun, tape record your songs!

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