Music Activities for Kids

Strike up some stunning notes with this soda bottle organ activity.
Strike up some stunning notes with this soda bottle organ activity.
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These music activities for kids are designed to encourage kids' interest in music. Every kid becomes curious about music at some stage of his or her life; why not help them to discover the magical world of music?

Make music and try something fun and different with these music activities for kids. Creatively easy to put together, these activities allow children to explore music -- along with art and a dash of creativity. Are you ready to begin your exciting musical trip?


Musical Spoon Activity

You'll be surprised by the music an old spoon can make. Have kids try this musical spoon activity and see for themselves.

Shake-It-Up Musical Activity

Take some empty cans and make beautiful music. This shake-it-up musical activity is a delight for music lovers young and old.

Band Musical Activity

Do you have some old rubber bands lying around? If so, try this rubber band musical activity and stretch out some unique sounds.

Play-and-Record Musical Activity

Are your kids having trouble learning a new musical instrument? Try this play-and-record musical activity, and hear them improve after a few days of practice.

Soda Bottle Organ Activity

Put those empty soda bottles to good use. Try this soda bottle organ activity and amaze your kids and others.

Mixing Activity

If your kids are tired of listening to the same old songs on the radio, they can make up a new ones on their own!

Note-by-Note Musical Activity

Beginning keyboard players will love making up their own music with this activity.

Musical History Activity

Shake your family tree for musical talent with this fascinating activity.

Raid the silverware drawer and start a band in the activity on the next page.

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