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Nature's Board Game

Create a nature-themed board game.
Create a nature-themed board game.
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Nature's board game encourages kids to learn about nature while creating their own board game. In this indoor game, kids can learn about saving forests, recycling, or other nature-inspired themes.

What You'll Need:

  • Poster board
  • Index cards
  • Markers
  • Small stones or coins
  • Dice

It's fun to create your very own nature board game and play it with your friends. It may seem hard at first to make up a board game about nature, but you'll soon discover that nature can be both educational and fun.

Step 1: To get started, choose a theme, such as "save the forest," "clean up that oil spill," or "recycle for life."

Step 2: Then think of a board game that you like to play. You can use this game as a model for yours.

Step 3: Draw squares throughout your game board as shown, and think of things to write or draw in the squares. Remember, everything in the game should be about nature. For example, you could have a player lose a turn for throwing trash in a river, or move ahead for picking up trash. Use your imagination!

Step 4: Be sure to write down rules for your game. Again, use the rules from one of your games as a guide.

Step 5: Finally, try playing your game, using small stones or coins as playing pieces. You may find there are things you need to change. Keep working on it until your game goes smoothly!

Creating a nature-inspired board game provides a fun way to learn about nature -- even when indoors. Bowling can be a fun indoor activity -- find out how to make a bowling alley on the next page.

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