Tossing Games for Kids

The balloon toss game is easy to make and play.
The balloon toss game is easy to make and play.
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Tossing games for kids are perfect to play outside when the weather is nice or indoors in a large space on cold, rainy days. These games will improve coordination, and teach children how to compete while having fun.

With these easy-to-follow instructions, learn how to make the equipment needed to play the games using common objects.

Start tossing with these fun games:

Vietnamese Beanbag Toss

Commonly called hacky sack or footbag, play this game that originated in Vietnam and have fun while developing motor skills.

Balloon Toss

In this game, toss flour-filled balloons at holes to score points. Don't worry! These balloons aren't likely to pop and create a mess.

Beanbag Bundles

Make your own beanbags with rice or beans then use your imagination to create your own game to play with friends and family.

Veggie Toss

This game is great indoors or in an area without wind because you toss pieces of paper made to look like salad ingredients.

Floppy Horseshoes

Unlike traditional horseshoes, this game is safe to play -- the pieces are made from foam instead of metal.

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