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Dress-Up Relay

Use old clothes for a relay race.
Use old clothes for a relay race.
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Dress-up relay combines two favorite kids' activities -- dressing up and racing. This indoor game uses old clothes for a fast-paced relay race. Start by following the steps below.

What You'll Need:

  • Old clothes, at least ten items for each team

The object of this indoor game is to dress and undress as quickly as possible, regardless of where on your body the clothes actually wind up.

Step 1: Divide into two teams.

Step 2: Pile ten clothing items for each team or player -- anything from scarves to pants to shirts to purses to hats -- at the opposite end of the room.

Step 3: When someone says "go" the first player on each team runs to the pile and puts on the clothes over his or her own, as quickly as possible. Anything goes, as long as nothing falls off your body as you run.

Step 4: The players run back to their starting point and take off the clothes.

Step 5: The next player on the team must put on the clothes, run back to the far side of the room, and take the clothes off.

Step 6: Then they sprint back to their team and touch the hand of the next player.

Step 7: The next player runs to the clothes and puts them on. The game goes on until the last player returns to the team. The first team to finish wins.

You can even play this game on your own by racing against the clock. Keep trying to beat your best time!

Relay games test coordination and speed. Continue reading to learn how to play a game that will test your math skills.

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