Dance Activities for Kids

Step into Tap Dance

Show your kids Gene Kelly in the movie musical Singing in the Rain, and they'll see one of the all-time best dancers step into tap dance. Turn this into one of your dance activities for kids, and you can tame restless feet and channel that energy into nonstop action. Make everyone's feet sing, just like in the old-time Broadway and Hollywood musicals.

What You'll Need:

  • Comfortable, old pair of shoes
  • Self-adhesive metal heel clips from the shoe accessories department
  • Concrete floor, patio, or sidewalk
  • Your favorite music

Step 1: Help kids turn an old pair of shoes into tap shoes by attaching self-adhesive metal heel clips. (Don't use nails!)

Step 2: Attach the clips to the toes, balls of the foot, and heels. Tap dancers use these and other areas of the foot while doing their step combinations.

Step 3: For beginning tap, first practice walking only on the balls of your feet, with your heels in the air. Like the sound?

Step 4: Place only the ball of one foot on the floor. This is called a "step."

Step 5: Transfer your weight to the ball of one foot, and let your heel down with a "click" sound. This is called a "heel."

Step 6: Try this beginning combination slowly: While standing in place, step right, heel right. Step left, heel left. Step right, heel right. Step left, heel left.

Step 7: Practice the combination until you feel a rhythm. When you feel comfortable, try picking up speed.

Step 8: Try walking that way with music. Very cool, huh? You might even consider a beginning class just for fun.

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