Backyard Games for Kids

Tree Tag

Tree Tag is a backyard game with an interesting twist. Tag turns over a new "leaf" with this crazy adaptation.

How to Play Tree Tag

What You'll Need:

  • Open Space with Trees
  • Packing Tape
  • Blank Paper
  • Markers
  • String

Step One: It starts out normal enough. One person is "it" while the others scatter and run. But there are three to five tree bases, and each runner can only claim sanctuary twice at each tree before they're left with no choice but to run until they're caught.

Step Two: Clearly mark each tree base with a numbered paper and one blank sheet of paper. Attach them with packing tape so you don't hurt the tree and so it can be easily removed when the game is over.

Step Three: Now give each runner a different colored marker tied to a string around their neck. When they get to the base, they must mark the blank sheet with their color-coded "X." Two strikes, and that tree is not longer a free zone.

Step Four: The last player out wins and can either be "it" or pick the next "it."

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