Backyard Games for Kids

Backyard Games for Kids are great activities that get kids out in the fresh air and bring the whole family together. Have outdoor fun -- and get exercise -- while you play games with your kids that challenge them physically and mentally.

On the following pages, you'll get great ideas for backyard games that the whole family can enjoy.


Backyard Obstacle Course

Learn how to create an obstacle course for your kids that's challenging and fun. Read about this backyard game.

Hit the Hoops

Make a basketball court in your own backyard and practice dribbling, shooting, and other basketball skills with your kids.

Tag Games

Learn variations on traditional tag that will keep kids having fun for hours without ever leaving the backyard.

Backyard Balancing Game

How well can you balance objects you find in your backyard? Enjoy this easy backyard game with your children.

Storyteller Scavenger Hunt

Your kids can get creative with this fun backyard storytelling game. Have a Storyteller Scavenger Hunt in your own yard.

By the Number Hopscotch

Make a hopscotch game without squares that tests kids' observational skills. Read about this innovative backyard game.

Tree Tag

This game of tag has an interesting twist that you and your kids will love. Get lots of exercise with this backyard game.

Gymnastics Jam

Watch your kids choreograph and execute gymnastics routines when they play Gymnastics Jam. Read about this exciting backyard game.

A Backyard Obstacle Course is easy to create and gets kids exercising. Learn this backyard game on the next page.

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