Backyard Games for Kids

By the Number Hopscotch

By the Number Hopscotch is a backyard game that will get your kids hopping and skipping. Hopsctoch has always been a game of numbers. Now it's also a game of observation.

How to Play By the Number Hopscotch

What You'll Need:

  • Chalk
  • Pebbles

Step One: Make a traditional hopscotch course. If you want to hop from one numbered square to the next, you'll have to spot something visible in the neighborhood that represents that number.

Step Two: Want to hop to one? Find something solo like a flagpole or a ball. Want to take the leap to two? Find something with two legs or two wheels. Ready to skip over to four? A car with four tires or a dog with four legs had better be nearby.

Step Three: The first one to the last square wins. Use the pebbles to mark your place while someone else takes a turn.

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