Backyard Games for Kids

Hit the Hoops

The Hit the Hoops backyard game tests your aiming skills. Heads up! Don't bother going to the gym to play basketball. You can hit the court right at home.

How to Play Hit the Hoops

What You'll Need:

  • Garbage Can or Cardboard Box
  • Lawn Chair
  • Basketball

Step One: Look out, Michael I come! First, you'll have to decide where you want to put your basketball court. If your backyard isn't very flat or a ball doesn't bounce well on it, head to the driveway and get your home court ready to go.

Step Two: Find an empty garbage can or a medium-sized cardboard box and place it up on a lawn chair. That'll be your net. Now you're all set to play some b-ball!

Step Three: You know the rules: you can dribble (or bounce) the basketball, shoot at your net, and even slam-dunk if you like. But traveling (taking more than two steps without dribbling the ball first) is a no-no.

Step Four: If you're really up for a challenge, place another basket at the opposite end of the driveway. Now you can play from end-to-end. You can even get a few friends together and play in teams.

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