Backyard Activities for Kids

Make a High-Flying Rocket and watch it soar!
Make a High-Flying Rocket and watch it soar!
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Backyard Activities for Kids will amuse your children for hours in the safety of your own backyard. They'll have fun while they learn valuable lessons about the great outdoors and develop useful skills.

These projects get kids out into the fresh air and bring the whole family together.

On the following pages, you'll learn backyard activities to enjoy with your kids.

Vegetable in a Bottle

This backyard activity teaches kids how vegetables grow and gives them a creation that will amaze their friends. Learn this backyard activity.

Map Your Yard

Encourage kids to learn more about the plants and animals that live in their own backyard. Get directions for this backyard activity.

Happy Trails

Create a nature hike through your backyard or local park, and have a great time making trail markers. Find out how to organize this backyard activity.

No-Sting Bubbles

No-Sting Bubbles won't hurt if they pop in your child's eye. Learn this safe and fun backyard activity.

High-Flying Rocket

Let your kids get creative when they make their very own High-Flying Rocket, and then take it into the backyard and watch it soar.

Soil Wildlife

Kids learn to about the bugs that live in the earth with the Soil Wildlife activity. Identify backyard Soil Wildlife with your kids.

The Vegetable in a Bottle, our first backyard activity, is a learning experience with a big surprise. Read about it on the next page.

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