Science Projects for Kids: Classifying Plants

A disoriented sprout still knows which way is up.
A disoriented sprout still knows which way is up.
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The plant kingdom contains some of the most fascinating living things around. And what better way to explore the world of plants than with science projects for kids: classifying plants?

These science projects for kids: classifying plants are simple experiments and activities that will introduce you to some interesting features of plant life and help you cultivate a green thumb of your own.


Follow the links below to learn about fun science projects for kids: classifying plants:

Grassy Brick Experiment

Seeds sprout from a barren brick in this science project. Learn more.

Unfriendly Foliage Poster

Use your drawing and design skills to warn others about dangerous plants.

Sunless Plant Experiment

What would a plant be without the sun? Find out with this project.

Veggie Flowers Science Project

Some delicious vegetables come from plants that produce flowers, too. Learn more.

Venus Flytrap Tips

Here are some tips for taking care of your carnivorous plant.

Leaf Chromatography Experiment

Analyze the pigments that make a leaf green with this colorful project.

Cacti Simulation Experiment

See a demonstration of one way that cacti survive in low-moisture environments.

Disoriented Sprout Experiment

Which way is up? The plants know! Find out more.

Plant Succession Observations

Watch what happens when the wilderness reclaims a field.

Plant Reading and Journaling

Hit the books and do your homework on horticulture.

Ecosystem Exploration

Discover the varieties of life in an ecosystem.

The next science project shows you how to grow grass from a stone.

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