Fun Science Projects for Kids

Learning to make invisible ink is just one of the many fun science projects for kids.
Learning to make invisible ink is just one of the many fun science projects for kids.
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Science is all about understanding the world in which we live, and our fun science projects for kids are a great way to do just that. You'll be amazed and entertained by the various projects -- everything from learning how to make invisible ink to creating "killer slime" to grossing out family and friends with virtual vomit and pseudo snot.

There are great ways to get your hands icky and sticky, as well as less messy projects, like creating your own legends or starting a rock collection. Most of the projects use common items (just open the kitchen cupboard or the refrigerator), so you won't have to run to the store before you can get started.


Adult help or supervision is required for some projects, but each one is fun for kids. Get ready to create, invent, and learn about your world.

Do You Drink Acid?

If you drink soda, you do drink "acid." See how this affects your teeth.

Top Secret Invisible Ink

Here's a great way to send a secret message. Learn the special formula.

What a Relief!

A relief map shows the high and low areas of a landscape. Find out how to make one.

Water Clock Estimation

Learn how to track time when you make a water clock.

Attack of the Killer Slime

Create a slime chamber to attack a toy soldier. See how slimy this really is.

Be a Rock Hound

Want to get started with a rock collection? Now you can learn how to do it.

It Is Absorbing

Use a disposable diaper to perform a magic trick. Find out all about it.

Moo Glue

Make your own glue from milk. It really works -- see for yourself!

Virtual Vomit

It's ultra-icky and super-gross. Find out how to make this "pukey" solution.

What Was That?

Use your imagination to create a legend. See how to get started.

Pseudo Snot

Expect people to offer you a tissue when they see this goo. Learn how to make it -- and gross out your friends.


Defy the laws of gravity with gloop. Find out how to make it.

Hollow Strength

Bones can be hollow, but they're still strong. Try this experiment.


Check out this solution that has properties of both a liquid and a solid. Amazing -- but true.

Before you sit down with a cold soda, you might want to check out this first project. Do you drink acid? Keep reading to find out.

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