Top 10 Ways to Dress Up Your Boring Corkboard


Tile It

Many people looking to spruce up their corkboards may be short of time or know-how when it comes to crafts. Join the club. Others may find that artistic additions to their corkboards make it look too "busy." Implementing a tile design on corkboard offers an easy solution to both of these problems.

A tile design can be reproduced using paints, markers and even spray paint. Just be sure to use a straight-edged object, like a ruler, to keep your lines nice and neat.

Play around first with a pencil and piece of paper, and doodle out different designs. You can also look to your kitchen floor or counters for inspiration -- a cork board with a tile design that matches other tile designs in your home may please even the most hard-to-please design critics (including your visiting mother).

The entire corkboard doesn't have to be "tiled." You can draw or paint a single square (which itself could be tiled into smaller squares that can be colored to taste) or create a few interlocking triangles in the corners.

Another option, if you don't like to draw, is to attach actual tile to your corkboard using glue. A square here and there (or any other shape you have handy) of thin ceramic tile can add a lot of life to the corkboard. Of course, this will create areas of the board on which pinning won't be possible, but to some people, that might be an advantage: It means the board will be less likely to become overrun with reminders, notes and collected ephemera.

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