Ultimate Guide to Recycled CD Crafts

These old CDs could be recycled to make a plethora of fun, creative crafts.
These old CDs could be recycled to make a plethora of fun, creative crafts.

When it comes to recycled-object crafting, compact discs have a lot going for them. They're shiny, lightweight, round, and easy to hang. And they have a smooth surface for attaching pictures, gemstones, fabric or whatever else suits your fancy. So just what can you do with the dozens and dozens of old CDs you have sitting around at work and home?

Super creative crafters have recycled CDs to make everything from eveningwear to decorative wall art. For example, you could make a fashion statement stepping out in a sleeveless cocktail shift made of CDs held together by gold jewelry hooks. Or you could make a fashion statement at home by decorating your den with a funky lamp that uses stacked CDs as its base and wall hangings with links of shiny CDs strung from bamboo rods [source: HGTV].

Others have used old CDs to make disco balls, sun catchers, wreaths, mosaics, mobiles, party invitations and even bird treats -- just coat the disc with peanut butter or bacon grease, dip it in bird seed, attach it to a tree with yarn and watch the birds flock to your yard.

The difficulty level for CD crafts depends on how fancy you want to get. Some projects are more labor intensive than others are. You can make a simple Christmas ornament in about 15 minutes or spend hours cutting up CDs and gluing the pieces to make a mosaic picture frame. The good news about CD craft projects, besides being cheap and fun, is they can be tailored to suit children or adults of all ages. But, as with any craft project, be sure to supervise small children closely while they're working with scissors and other crafting items.

Read on to find out how to use your old CDs to make ornaments, photo frames, candleholders, coasters, bowls and even clocks.