How to Make Paper Flowers

Paper Flower Bouquet
The paper flower bouquet is a great gift.
The paper flower bouquet is a great gift.

This fun paper craft turns colorful crepe paper into a beautiful, long-lasting paper flower bouquet -- a delightful surprise for mom or a favorite friend!

Make a lavish bouquet following the instructions below, or use variations to invent new flowers.

What You'll Need:

  • Crepe paper in assorted colors
  • Green chenille stems


  • Scissors
  • White paper
  • Round pencil or pen or dowel

Use these instructions to make cosmos, daisies, and dogwoods. For other flowers, follow the general instructions, plus the variations that follow.

Step 1: Download the Paper flower bouquet patterns as a PDF. Print it out, then cut out the flower petal pattern of your choice. Cut a strip of crepe paper and fold it into 6, 8, or 12 sections (depending on the flower you want to make). Place the pattern for that flower petal on top and cut around the edges.

Cut the tissue along the pattern.

Step 2: Make a flower center by cutting two 1-3/4-inch squares of yellow tissue. Wad a square into a ball, and wrap the other around it, gathering the edges at the bottom and creating a rounded top.

The tissue flower begins to take shape.

Step 3: Roll a petal around a pencil. Push each side of the roll with your fingers to crumple the paper in the center. Unroll the petal and flatten it gently. Repeat with other petals.

Step 4: Hold the flower center in one hand and place petals all around it, pinching the paper ends together. Twist one end of a green chenille stem tightly around the petals. Gently pull the petals until your flower is arranged.

Use the stem to secure the petals.

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