How to Make Paper Costumes for Kids

Prince or Princess Crown
Make a crown that's worthy of royalty.
Make a crown that's worthy of royalty.

Any kid can feel like royalty in a prince or princess crown. This is a great craft activity for a birthday party -- or for any time. You may be surprised that a plain egg carton can look so special.

For this craft, you'll want to use a paper/cardboard egg carton, not the foam kind. When you add some sparkle -- paint, glitter, and "jewels" -- it becomes a headpiece worthy of any prince or princess.

What You'll Need

Paper egg carton

Silver acrylic paint

Silver glitter

Faux gems


Craft glue



How to Make a Prince or Princess Crown

Step 1: Remove the lid of the egg carton; discard it. Cut the carton in half vertically, and trim the edges to make them as smooth as possible. Cut one half in half lengthwise, leaving two rows of half-cups. Glue the two rows of half-cups together to form one long row of half-cups. Use a clothespin to hold the cups together until the glue sets.

Step 2: Wrap this length around your head, and cut off the extra cups at the end. (If it only takes 10 cups to reach around your head, cut off 2 cups from the end, and discard them.)

Step 3: Using the extra half-cups not used in step 2, cut a small piece from between two cups. Join the line of cups from step 2 into a circle, and glue the extra piece between the two end cups to splice them together. Use a clothespin to hold the circle together until the glue sets.

Glue the half-cups in a circle that fits your head.

Step 4: Paint the inside and outside of the crown silver. Let dry. Apply glue around the edges of each bump, and sprinkle glitter onto the glue. Let dry. Glue faux gems around the crown as desired.

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