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Creepy Eye Goggles

The "eyes" have it -- these are creepy!
The "eyes" have it -- these are creepy!

All eyes will be on you when you wear Creepy Eye goggles. Whether you're going for a "monster" look or want to show how tired you are, these goggles will definitely make your eyes look creepy.

This is a good project for kids and grown-ups to work on together -- the craft knife is best left to adults, but kids will love using the markers to make really creepy eyes.

What You'll Need

Foam egg carton

18 inches elastic cording



Craft knife

Permanent markers: black, blue, red

Masking tape

Paper punch

How to Make Creepy Eye Goggles

Step 1: Cut 2 cups from an egg carton, and trim the edges so they are even. Ask a grown-up to cut a 3/8-inch hole in the center of each cup using a craft knife.

Step 2: With permanent markers, draw a black circle around the eye holes, a blue circle around the black, and squiggly red lines coming out from the center.

Step 3: Cut a 1×3/4-inch piece from the curved part of another egg cup to make the bridge between the eyes. Place the bridge on your nose so you can figure out where to attach the eye goggles to make them the right distance apart. Tape the eyes to the bridge.

Use masking tape to reinforce the punched holes. Use masking tape to reinforce the punched holes.
Use masking tape to reinforce the punched holes.

Step 4: Put a small piece of masking tape inside each eye, opposite the bridge. Punch a hole through the tape and the egg cup at this spot on both sides. Tie one end of the elastic cording through the hole. Place the goggles on your face, carry the elastic around your head, and tie it at the other side.

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