Party Activities for Kids

Family Facts

Play this timed family facts game to figure out who has the best memory in your family.

What You'll Need:

How to Play Family Facts:

Step 1: Gather up Mom, Dad, and all the kids to play this fun family trivia game. Divide family members into two teams. Each team then writes down 20 short descriptions of experiences or facts related to the family, such as "Ben's high school graduation" or "Nick hates carrots" on index cards.

Step 2: Teams trade their stacks of index cards but can't look at them.

Step 3: Players on each team take turns choosing an index card from their stack and trying to draw it so the rest of the team members can guess what the card says before the timer goes off.

Step 4: Decide as a group how long you want to set the timer for. Remember, you want to give people enough time to draw and make guesses, but you also want to keep the game exciting.

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Family Facts by Lisa Lerner and Kersten Hamilton