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Marble Toss Game

How high can you score?
How high can you score?
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Playing this marble toss game is easy. Scoring high is not so easy! If you like easy crafts, you'll love this marble toss game.

What You'll Need:

  • Clean, dry egg carton
  • Black crayon
  • Five marbles
  • Large beach towel (optional)

With the black crayon, write "15" in the bottom of one egg section, "10" in two sections, "5" in three sections, and "1" in the remaining six sections. Either play this game on a rug or carpet or spread out a beach towel on the floor.

Lay the carton on the rug or beach towel, and stand about five feet away. Toss your marbles, one at a time, into the egg carton, and add up your score.

When you think you're getting pretty good, challenge your friend to a game! The highest score wins.

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