Card Games for Kids

Math War is a great teaching tool -- and it's fun for kids to play.
Math War is a great teaching tool -- and it's fun for kids to play.
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Card games for kids and adults go back a long way. People have been playing card games of one kind or another since the ninth century! It's thought that the first deck of cards came from China, but playing cards later became popular in Europe and, eventually, America.

Card games can be played with two people, a group of people, or even by yourself (have you ever played Solitaire?). And although many card games are designed for grown-ups, there are a number of card games that kids can enjoy. The following articles offer instructions for just a few.

Hat Trick

Here's a different kind of card game -- in this one, you toss the cards! Find out how to play.

Chicken in the Barnyard

Can you think (and move) fast enough to avoid being "chicken"? Learn the rules of this action-packed card game.

Add a Card

How fast can you add two numbers together? It's an important part of this game! Find out how to play.

Math War

Making your own "cards" from index cards is half the fun of this addition game. Learn how to play.

The House That Cards Built

First, get the cards in your suit. Next, stack them to build a house. This card game is part luck, part skill, and all fun! Find out about the rules.

Start the fun by playing Hat Trick, the game that tests your skill at tossing cards. Learn more on the next page.

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