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How to Make Games

Flip Ball Paddle

Test your skill -- see if you can flip the ball through the paddle.
Test your skill -- see if you can flip the ball through the paddle.
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Start with a paper plate, follow the instructions, and soon you'll have a Flip Ball Paddle game. This easy-to-make paddle game challenges your hand/eye coordination, and it's a great game to play against a friend. See who can flip the ball through the paddle the most times in a minute or two.

What You'll Need

Paper plate



Blunt scissors

Paint-stirring stick

Craft glue

Hole punch

Small ball

Netted fruit bag


How to Make a Flip Ball Paddle

Step 1: Draw a face on the paper plate.

Step 2: Cut out the eyes and mouth. Make sure the holes are slightly bigger than the ball.

Step 3: Glue the paint-stirring stick to the back of the plate.

Step 4: Punch a small hole in the plate just below the mouth.

Step 5: Cut a piece of netting from the fruit bag large enough to cover the ball. Wrap the ball in the netting and tie it closed with one end of the string.

Step 7: Tie the other end of the string through the small hole in the plate. Try to flip the ball through the holes.

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