Easy Outdoor Team Games for Kids

Flashlight Tag

If you're allowed to play outdoors after dark, try Flashlight Tag for an exciting team game. It takes a little preparation before the sun goes down, but once it's dark, the fun begins!

Before playing, check your playing area for any obstacles (such as a bird bath or a barbecue grill) that could be dangerous. If you can't remove the obstacle, mark it by shining a flashlight on it.

What You'll Need:

  • At least three players
  • Flashlights

How to Play Flashlight Tag:

Step 1: Choose one person to be "it" and give that person a flashlight. All other players run and hide.

Step 1: "It" counts to 20, looks for other players, and "tags" them by shining a beam of light on them. Since this kind of tagging can't be felt, when "It" tells you that you've been tagged, you'll have to agree.

Step 3: Tagged players go to "jail." A good "jail" would be a well-lit porch.

Step 4: Players may change hiding places at any time. Part of the fun is that the darkness provides so many hiding places and makes it easier to sneak from one place to another. Be creative when you search for places to hide. Sometimes all you need is a very dark shadow to conceal you.

Step 5: The game ends when all the players are in "jail."

Here's a variation: Give a flashlight to each player. Players can run around or hide, as they choose, but they must flash their light every time "it" yells "Lights!"

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