Easy Outdoor Team Games for Kids

Jumping Games like a Flame-Jumping Contest challenge coordination and distance.
Jumping Games like a Flame-Jumping Contest challenge coordination and distance.
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Easy outdoor team games for kids help kids develop social skills while exercising their bodies and minds. The games found in this article include some old-fashioned favorites that are just as much fun today as they were when kids first played them years ago.

For added family fun, some of these games include a craft -- you'll need to draw or create part of the game before you begin to play. So gather up your friends, divide into teams, and get started playing games.


Holding Hands Game

Hold on tight in this game of skill as you pass a peanut to your teammates.

Flame-Jumping Contest

Can you jump high enough so you don't get "burned"?

Steal the Bastille Game

One of the oldest team games around, Steal the Bastille uses both strategy and physical skill.

Backyard Bowling

Who needs a bowling alley when you can bowl in your backyard?

Flashlight Tag

This after-dark game of tag is exciting and fast-paced.

Scavenger Hunts

See how you can put your own twist on a scavenger hunt, an old game that's been around since before Grandma's day!

Spoon It Up!

Can you carry water on a spoon without spilling? You'll need a steady hand to win this game.

Treasure Map

Bury your treasure, surprise your friends with a map, and see which one will be the first to find it.

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