Grandparents Day Crafts

'When I Was Young' Book

This Grandparent's Day, show grandma and grandpa how much you care by presenting them with their very own "When I Was Young" Book -- designed and written by you!

What You'll Need:

Construction paper



Old magazines



Your grandparents have led a long and full life. They probably have had experiences that seem unbelievable to you. What did your grandparents do for fun when they were your age? What sorts of clothes did they wear? What did they dream they would be when they grew up? Get to know your grandparents.

Ask them to tell you stories about their lives when they were your age, and take notes or tape record the conversation. Then staple folded sheets of construction paper together to make a book. Write a story inside about some of the things your grandparents told you.

Draw or cut out pictures from old magazines to illustrate their story. Write a title on the cover of your book, such as "When I Was Young" or "The Story of Grandpa and Grandma." This is one book that the whole family will cherish forever!

In the next and final section, learn how to make an attractive article that your grandparent's can add to their arsenal of accessories. Continue to the next section to start making a dressy hanky.

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