Grandparents Day Crafts

Cup of Love

Cup of Love Grandparent's Day Craft
Cup of Love Grandparent's Day Craft
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For Grandparents Day, make the nicest "drink" anyone could have. No one can refuse this special cup of love!

What You'll Need:

Plain white mug or tea cup and saucer

Acrylic paint

Conversation hearts

Fake jewels


Thin ribbon

Glitter glue


Pink tissue paper

Your grandparents will really know you love them when you give them this special cup. Paint the cup with the words and phrases that tell your grandparents how you feel about them. You can write surprise messages of love on the inside of the cup and underneath it.

Write short things, such as "I Love You" or "You're Nice." Paint pretty designs on the cup or glue on conversation hearts, jewels, decals, ribbons, and glitter. When the paint and glue dry, fill the cup with a froth of pink tissue paper and more conversation hearts to look as though it is overflowing with love.

Now that you've mastered the art of cup making, we'll show you how to make a special fan from the most delicate materials. Continue to the next page to learn how to make a lacy fan.

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