How to Make Beaded Jewelry

Hardware Store Jewelry

You can turn stuff from the garage into cool jewelry.
You can turn stuff from the garage into cool jewelry.

This hardware store jewelry proves that you don't need expensive jewels to have the coolest jewelry. Some basic hardware and craft supplies will make you the envy of all the girls.

What You'll Need:

  • 16 inches clear plastic tubing, 1/4 inch diameter
  • #5 perle cotton floss: purple, orange, and yellow
  • 18-gauge florist wire
  • 4 synthetic bone discs, 10mm each
  • 2 purple pony beads, 14mm each
  • 1 orange pony bead, 16mm


  • Heavy-duty or utility scissors

Step 1: Cut tubing into two eight-inch pieces with scissors. Ask an adult for help.Step 2: Cut two 36-inch strands of each color of floss. Bend a hook in one end of the florist wire and slip all six strands of floss through the hook.Step 3: Slip wire with floss through a piece of clear tubing. Pull the floss through the tubing. Pull wire and floss through a disc, a purple bead, another disc, the orange bead, a third disc, another purple bead, and the last disc. Slide wire through the second piece of tubing.Step 4: Adjust and center all the pieces on the floss. Remove floss from wire and tie floss into a knot close to the end of the tubing on each side.

What You'll Need:

  • 1 foot clear plastic tubing, 5/16 inch diameter
  • Dimensional paint: black and red
  • 1 yard black beading cord
  • 8 brass washers, 1/4 inch each
  • 1 foot white opaque plastic tubing
  • 1/4 inch diameter
  • 2 black beads, 1/4 inch each


  • 7 pencils
  • Glass

Step 1: Using scissors, cut clear tubing into three one-inch chunks and four 3/4-inch chunks. Step 2: To decorate the plastic chunks with paint, slip a plastic chunk onto the end of a pencil. Squeeze dots of black paint around the one-inch chunks, holding and rotating the pencil. Stand the pencil in a cup to allow paint to dry. Repeat for remaining one-inch chunks. Use red paint to squeeze three wiggly lines around the 3/4-inch chunks, rotating the pencil to make the job easier. Stand pencils in cup to dry.Step 3: Thread the length of beading cord through the opaque plastic tubing. Over this, slip on a washer, then alternate with a red painted chuck and a black painted chunk onto tubing, slipping a washer between each chunk. End with a washer.Step 4: Place a black bead on each end of the beading cord and secure it with a knot at both ends of the opaque tubing. Thread waxed cord through tubing and then the beads in the following order: disc, orange bead, disc, purple bead, disc, orange bead, disc. Tie the ends of the cording tightly together, pulling the tubing into a circle. Double knot the cord and trim tails. Hide the knot inside the beads.

What You'll Need:

  • 1 foot white opaque plastic tubing, 1/4 inch diameter
  • Permanent felt markers: pink and green
  • 15 inches waxed cord
  • 9 O-flat bibb washers

Step 1: Cut tubing into three four-inch sections. Step 2: With felt pens, color four inches of tubing green and 4 inches of tubing pink. Leave remaining tubing white. Step 3: Cut four-inch sections into random lengths from 1/4 inch to one inch. String tubing on cord alternating colors with the rubber washers. Step 4: Tie ends of cord together in a double knot. Trim tails.

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